• A bold brand for a new world

    We asked probing questions. We listened deeply. And today, we are proud to share Macro’s fresh new purpose, values and brand identity. Together, they express our robust commitment to providing big-picture, long-term and everyday value to our clients, people and communities.

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  • Ways to improve the employee experience and create an efficient workplace.

    Working environments are evolving - businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the employee experience and create an efficient workplace. But how can a facilities management (FM) company assist in increasing employee productivity? Sonya Verny, Business Development Director explores the ways in which an FM provider can drive the workplace for better.

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  • Driving Efficiency and Flexibility in the Workplace

    Macro drive for ever-greater efficiency and quality from facilities services and rapidly adapt to changing business needs. In the dynamic realm of business, organisations perpetually strive to enhance operational efficiency and adapt to the evolving demands of the workplace.

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  • Explore our purpose-driven business

    Our brand video captures our mission to deliver smarter, more agile, and more people-focused FM and workplace solutions for our clients worldwide.

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