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Want more workplace efficiency? Start by improving employee experience

Working environments are evolving - businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the employee experience and create an efficient workplace. But how can a facilities management (FM) company assist in increasing employee productivity? Sonya Verny, Business Development Director explores the ways in which an FM provider can drive the workplace for better.

The facilities management market is evolving, and customer expectations are changing to include value-add FM Services alongside the traditional service lines. Facilities management is no longer about maintaining a building and keeping it clean, today FM is about enhancing the employee experience, offering a workplace that encourages productivity and creativity. The World Health Organization estimates that the average person will spend a third of their adult life at work, which contributes to the development of themselves, their families and society.

With the increased focus on working environments and wellbeing in the workplace, we are being required by our clients to improve their productivity and employee experience as part of the business’ FM solution, drawing on a strategic partnership with an outsourced provider.

In this “new normal” clients are looking for feasible solutions that ensures their employees can focus on the core business, leaving the maintaining and running of the building to an FM provider. They are also looking for a partner who will help them attract their employees back to the office, to enhance collaboration and recreate a company culture of belonging and being part of a team, ultimately increasing productivity and therefore profitability.

Clients are looking for easy solutions that ensures their employees can focus on the core business, leaving the maintaining and running of the building to an FM provider. An increasingly popular method is through the use of technology and smart buildings.

Efficiency and ease of use are fast becoming key trends when looking at solutions to common workplace problems, with sensor technology being implemented for a multitude of tasks across the FM service lines. Sensor technology is being implemented to gather data on a variety of metrics to give greater insights on asset performance, comfort policies and utilisation of space within buildings that with the advancement of AI will allow responsive automated solutions that can aid and increase productivity and/or lower running costs. Smart building technology is the future of FM services.

Computer aided facility management (CAFM) systems are being relied on heavily for technical reporting, with analytical data available for clients – providing up to date information in a central system, delivering instant reporting for both client and provider for decision making purposes. CAFMs are also being linked to Smart building technology, therefore creating a seamless operation which minimises asset downtime.

To aid the drive for productivity, companies are investing in independent research tools such as the Leesman survey to provide in depth analysis of how well their building supports business performance or not as may be the case.

Macro themselves have engaged with Leesman to conduct a survey on some of our sites where employee numbers have swelled. The survey output has provided vital data that is helping to reshape the workplace to ensure it is aligned with the corporate values and offers the right balance of individual focused work space and informal break out areas to nurture creativity.

Additionally, workplace design is a key factor when attracting talent to the business, and creating an optimal productive space. Looking at companies such as google and Facebook, businesses are upping the game to create an attractive place of employment to encourage new recruits to join and come to the office. Workplace diversity plays a part in employee retention, as we are seeing a wider gap form between generations working in one space. As a result working areas are becoming more flexible, to appeal to each audience and create their ideal workspace, as what works for one generation, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Leadership teams are beginning to understand the need for optimal workplaces that cater to the day-to-day needs of employees, the key people behind the core business functions. The employee experience is a key focus for a successful business, one which is fast becoming an integral part of facilities management and needs to be taken notice of.

Sonya Verny is the Business Development Director for Macro.

She joined the business in 2020 to help drive growth internationally, working with teams within Macro’s regional hubs to develop strong client partnerships with businesses operating globally. As Business Development Director, Sonya is ensuring that Macro builds on their successes that has seen operations expand to over 45 countries worldwide.

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