FM consultancy

A well-thought-out workplace increases productivity and improves employee wellbeing, so why wouldn’t you invest in your portfolio?

However, when it comes to a workplace strategy, sometimes the best solution isn’t always obvious. From procuring services to workplace design, understanding the best approach often requires the expert touch.

With a wealth of experience in strategic and operational facilities management, our consultants have the knowledge and understanding to define and realise your needs.

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Ross Abbate

Sonya Verny
Global Head of Business Development

What we offer

At Macro, we understand that every client is unique, and effective strategies are only possible when we work alongside clients in a partnering approach. We work with our clients to outline their requirements, whether you need a full review of your delivery model, a utilisation study or asset management.

We are happy to apply our experience when it comes to designing a new build or maintain an existing one and make recommendations in terms of cost, layout, risk and best practice. We can recommend suppliers and manufacturers to assist with the work, advise on strategy and equipment, and monitor or carry out the process - no matter where you are in the world.

Strategic consultancy

You know you need an FM strategy but you’re not sure where to start. Our consultants have the hands-on experience to support you in finding the best-fit solution. Whether you need procurement support, delivery model strategy development or an interim manager we can work with you to fulfill your needs.

Technical consultancy

Your premises are just the beginning and are actually complex machines.

Creating a strategy to maximise the life of your assets is crucial to keeping your building running. We can help you develop and implement a maintenance strategy, as well as supporting with condition surveys, life cycle cost models and energy management. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise to help you meet your objectives.

Workplace services

Our people can help you join the dots between the physical workspace, the people that use it and the technology to support portfolio efficiency and create incredible experiences.

Whether your building is still in the construction phase or has been operational for some time, design reviews and good space planning are a key part of supporting employees’ efficiency and performance.

Building information

Never underestimate the importance of comprehensive data.

The creation of comprehensive and focused building information is essential for a number of business critical reasons. It is about informing the future use and operation of buildings and smoothing the transition from construction to operation. We have a dedicated delivery team who specialise in planning, data capture, data review and technical verification. Let us manage your data for you.