Facilities Management

Creating incredible workplace experiences everyday requires a great deal of organisation, especially where supply chain management is involved. This is where Macro can help. Through our facilities management business, our years of experience helps to manage the largest and most complex corporate real estate portfolios – whether that’s creating a productive and inspiring workplace or making your portfolio perform more efficiently.

Our approach is to deliver memorable experiences for the end users of the built environment in which we operate, whether this is a commercial office, a manufacturing site, a residential property or a university. We provide a complete facilities management service for companies anywhere in the world, managing the running of your property and estates, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business.

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Ross Abbate

Sonya Verny
Global Head of Business Development

What we offer

We develop bespoke solutions to help clients manage the complex balance between efficiency and workplace experience, while delivering an outstanding service. 

We use new technologies and data-led insights to drive up value, creating better end-user experiences, making estates work more efficiently to support our clients to meet their business objectives. These insights increase productivity, reduce wastage and help clients to attract and retain the best talent.

We constantly challenge established working practices and apply our global experience to delivering better results for you. We select the right suppliers bespoke to each client, taking into account the size, location and scope of each contract to tailor a solution specifically to their needs.

Our solutions

Prism is our management reporting suite. It collates and displays key operational data such as KPIs, maintenance tasks, energy data, occupancy data including information stored on other host systems giving an ‘at-a-glance’ breakdown of performance.

It’s the culmination of our experience and expertise in the industry, providing our clients with the data to support their strategic and operational decision-making.