Enric Paradela

Workplace Experience & Technology Manager
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Enric Paradela

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Workplace Experience & Technology Manager
"I like challenging the current ways of working and persuading decision makers to invest in more data-driven strategies. Macro is a great place for everyone to make an impact, regardless of their background or years of experience."

Since joining during 2019, Enric has used his passion for employee experience to transform how workplaces are operated. Through analysis of industry trends and development of best practice, Enric translates workplace challenges into technology solutions for our clients.

Enric’s Q&A

How did you get into facilities management?

I got into facilities in 2019, through the Mace graduate programme in London. Having graduated in Business Management and with interest in architecture and buildings, I felt attracted by the challenges and variety of tasks associated with managing the operations of the built environment. Working through different rotations, I became passionate about the concept of smart buildings and workplace experience. This inspired me to want to reinvent some of the ways in which FM operations are traditionally implemented - investigating new technologies and systems that can optimise services and create efficiencies through the use of data and process automation.

What is your greatest work success story?

I’m really proud of identifying a gap within the business to expand our workplace strategy through technology and Internet of Things. Supporting our accounts in their journey towards smart buildings. Although it’s still early days in my career, I’ve had the pleasure to present different workplace technology solutions to various business leaders, both internally and with clients. I like challenging the current ways of working and persuading decision makers to invest in more data-driven strategies. Macro Group is a great place for everyone to make an impact, regardless of their background or years of experience.

What are you most passionate about outside of work

I invest most of my time outside of work focusing on personal development, both physically and mentally. Since I was a kid, I have been part of a kayaking team in Spain and I have competed nationally and internationally in 200m sprints. I love the discipline and values that come with sport, at any level, as well as the friendships that you build with people of similar mindsets.  Perhaps I could come across as a bit of a dreamer, but I am a true believer that one can achieve a very successful career as well as make time to focus on the personal goals that fulfil them, whether that is giving time to family, friends or oneself. It’s good to have ambitions but also enjoy the journey.

What skills do you need to be good at your job?

You have to bring a proactive attitude and willingness to learn along with you, be curious to ask questions and also be challenged outside of your comfort zone. I think it’s essential to be approachable and someone people want to work with, as it stands you in good stead in both developing relationships on-site and in working with a diverse range of people. The best approach is listening to advice and being open to criticism - a colleague may have a better outcome and solution, so taking that on board is really important for speeding up the overall process.

What are the key FM challenges that you face in your role?

The biggest challenge for me is the change management process taking all stakeholders and end users on a journey to adopt new ways of working, new technologies, and new processes. There are plenty of innovations out there that completely redefine FM operations, especially with the use of data insights and automation. However, technology is only as good as its users. We can deploy all sorts of solutions, but it’s up to the management teams and people on the ground to take it on board

What learning experiences would you pass on to future facilities managers?

Performance at work is not defined by who works the hardest, but who works the smartest. So I’d always encourage people to continuously challenge themselves and others, to try to find efficiencies, easier ways of undertaking tasks or processes, as well as to define what drives your motivation.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

I think I’m quite an open book and am able to bring my true self to work every day. However, outside of work I do admit that I am a bit of an adventurer and I constantly seek a connection with nature. I like the thrill of feeling alive, which I get from activities as simple as watching a sunset or looking at the stars, or as daring as going scuba diving, skydiving or skiing. I’ve never gone clubbing until the sun rises, perhaps that should be on my bucket list, but I just don’t like the idea of wasting the following day!

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