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Rooted in our “Do the right thing” value, we put Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) at the core of everything we do.

Working closely with our supply chain to ensure everyone – our colleagues, clients and suppliers – is healthy, safe and well, every day. Although we have a robust policy to this effect, our commitment to embedding HSW goes far deeper than a set of standards.

We strive to provide good work for capable people, who in turn feel pride and responsibility for quality and safe delivery. In simple terms, for us, good HSW comes as a consequence of that commitment. 

We call our approach to HSW “Full-Spectrum,” because we seek to address every aspect of what enables our colleagues to thrive: the physical, mental, and emotional. Our network of 35+ passionate and caring Wellbeing Ambassadors across the globe support their local teams in this capacity.

We are building a culture of psychological safety by openly sharing lessons learned and empowering our teams to make a difference.

Health & safety policy

ISO45001 certificate

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